We offer a great variety of fishing to cater for from the novice fisherman to the dedicated seasoned angler.

Freshwater fishing in a number of rivers and dams where carp, yellow fish, barbell (catfish), freshwater mullet and eels can be caught on bait. On artificial baits we catch largemouth bass, bluegills, bream, trout and yellow fish
Sea fishing is mainly in the Indian Ocean stretching from the Sunshine coast through the Wild coast and Natal and into Mozambique. 
Here we offer rock and surf, deep sea bottom fishing as well as game fishing. Rock and surf fishing targets big sharks, rays, musselcracker, cob and more while deep sea bottom fishing targets a variety of reef fish such as cob, yellowtail, Garrick, grouper, Steenbras and more. Game fishing targets mainly Marlin, sailfish, tuna and Dorado.

We offer both fresh water and sea fishing.

All the fishing guides are experienced skippers and seasoned anglers with quality equipment

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